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Wind energy

Wind energy is the kinetic force of moving masses of air, which are caused by differences in insolation. It has been used by mankind since earliest times in many different ways; one need think only of sailing ships, kites and windmills. Consequently, today’s ultramodern wind power plants are the latest chapter in a long success story.

The wind energy available for conversion to rotational energy is a function of the cube of the wind speed. Thus if the wind speed is doubled, the wind energy available increases eightfold.

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Determining an installation site

By drawing on wind measurements over a long period from official databases we are able to make rough predictions about the wind situation in a given region. These, however, are applicable at greater altitudes and are not generally adequate for making a reliable forecast of energy yields.

The precise geographical location must be taken into account, and particularly any obstructions that may lie in the main upwind and downwind directions.

Wind measurement

To obtain a realistic estimate of the wind levels on site, we recommend that you take measurements over an extended period with a specially developed measuring system. The wind data is categorised and recorded at the exact time of capture. By this means a relationship can be established with the long-term data recorded by the official wind measuring station in the relevant region. An accurate yield forecast can only be obtained by means of such long-term data and its correlation to the intended site if the wind conditions are unclear.

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